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What is Reiki & Why Should I Get Reiki Treatments?


Reiki, or unconditional love that is Divine Power to heal, was given to a Japanese man named Usui-Sensei at the close of a 21 day fast on Mt. Kurama in 1922. That fast was at “Isyu Guo, a twenty-one-day training course sponsored by the Tendai Buddhist Temple located there (on Mt. Kurama - reiki.org).” He took this gift and helped many people by opening clinics and passing it on to insure its survival. Dr. Usui, as he came to be known, died at 62. Reiki began to be channeled through different outlets.


Usui’s immediate predecessors did not follow his practices precisely, ranging from making reasonable adjustments to strictness. However, the strictness was in part to ensure its survival in the face of US institutionalized hostilities towards Japanese healing practices after WWII. So, what is Reiki?  It is a “Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing (reiki.org).” Reiki is not a substitute for seeing a medical doctor; yet, Hayashi Sensei gave group healings and Takata Sensei was cured of asthma, tumor, appendicitis, and gallstones. “Mrs. Takata was unfamiliar with Reiki but was impressed that the diagnosis of Reiki practitioners at the clinic closely matched the doctor’s at the hospital. She began receiving treatments. Two Reiki practitioners would treat her each day. The heat from their hands was so strong, she said, that she thought they were secretly using some kind of equipment.  She received those two treatments daily for a period of four months (reiki.org). So, why did the Reiki Practitioner’s hands become hot, and what should Reiki’s application be, realistically?

Reiki flows down the Kundalini channels (Yin/Yang; lunar/solar; female/male) of the practitioner to both clear negativity and to give the client’s own body the energy that it needs to heal itself. It’s like cleaning off a car battery cable when that battery needs to be jumped. How corroded the battery cable is and how dead the battery is correlates to how much Reiki is needed. The Kundalini winds around the legs, arms and in between the 7 central chakras; it also circles from the top of the head to the pelvic region. The Reiki hand positions, strictly speaking, go in between the 7 central chakras in order to remove the blockages that stifle the Kundalini currents, playing a supportive role to those 7 central chakras. Insofar as the application goes, I paraphrase Caroline Myss, Medical Intuitive, “Medical Science heals the body – go to a doctor.  The role of the Healing Arts is to heal the spirit.” “A study done in 2007 by the National Health Interview Survey indicates that 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children received one or more sessions of energy healing therapy such as Reiki in the previous year. According to the American Hospital Association, in 2007, 15% or over 800 American hospitals offered Reiki as part of hospital services. (http://www.centerforreikiresearch.org/).” Furthermore, “We know that a little stress can be good for you, but when you're constantly feeling under pressure -- overwhelmed, anxious, totally frazzled -- the effects can actually add up to something dangerous. As if a clear, peaceful mind wasn't incentive enough to de-stress, we rounded up some of the scariest ways stress can wreak havoc on our bodies -- from fueling cancer to raising the risk of heart attacks. (Huffington Post, Stress Health Effects: 10 Scary Things It's Doing To Your Body).” There are a couple more things you need to know.

One’s spirit may be as large as a house, and a large blockage may be the size of a room. Yet, like a dog with many ticks, blockages can get into the tissue and manifest emotional disturbance and illness over time. What is the ideal objective? The ideal objective is prevention: to remove the “ticks” from the etheric body, which is also called the astral body and to charge the client’s “battery” before it sets in. In addition, Reiki treatment(s) proceeding medical care “heals the spirit.” These two general aspects, clearing and charging, enable the client’s body to heal itself and leads to spiritual independence, thereby making the necessity for long term treatment obsolete, if and only if severe self destructive behaviors in the face of harmful consequences are abandoned. Spirit can move physical matter on a grand scale, I’ve witnessed it – and more than just once. Thank you for reading.









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