Brent Blount - Jazz & Native American Music

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Brent Blount is a member of the Metis Nation of the United States, and has been a foundation piece of the Oklahoma Jazz and Blues community since 1986. Doug Hill of Pop Magazine describes the experience of his performance as "Falling into a slow grove, he found intonations that escalated from the icy depths into bright crisp sunshine. Staccato stutter-steps danced off into brass oblivion. Blount played entire long solos with eyes closed, opening at the conclusion as if waking from a sweet dream (2000)."

He began as a saxophone player at Bianca's, a local jazz and blues club, in 1986 in Oklahoma City at the tender age of 16. He fell in love with the Blues. At the age of 12 Jazz would invade his world with confusion at the induction of John Coltrane into his ear, love it or hate it, he was obsessed. By his nineteenth year on earth Ernie Watts would provide clarification and cement the relationship with jazz that would last a lifetime. Brent is classically trained in the art of Saxophone and Clarinet performance and rounds off this talent with outstanding clarity in blues guitar and the Native American flute. He is truly a musician's musician. Ameritone records referred to him as an artist "who melds tradition and originality into his musical range from Bach to late John Coltrane (2004)."

Brent Blount: Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Blues and Jazz Guitar, and Native American Flute.

1996: Composed, produced and recorded the acoustic jazz album, After All These Years.

2005: Composed, recorded and produced Breakfast at Jim's Album 

2005: Jazz in June in Norman, Oklahoma; opening up before Cathy Cousins and Thelonious Monk Jr.

2008: Composed, recorded and produced his first Native American flute album, Black Kettle's Vision.

2009: Composed, recorded and produced a short jazz album entitled Freedom.

2009: Coyotes

2011: Composed, recorded and produced his jazz composition Jazz Machine at Studio Sessions Recording Studio in Buffalo, New York.

2011: Composed and released "She Don't Love Me Like She Used To" (country single)

2012: Composed, recorded and produced his jazz album Jazz Machine (2012).

2013: Forgiveness Through The 7 Directions (Meditational)

2015: Love, For Joe (jazz singles)

2017: Mahasani (My Other Skin), For Howard (Native American Flute)

2018: Composed and released "The Void" (mixed jazz and Native American)

2018: Give Me Some Blues (short album)

2019: Black Widow (metal single) and SBD Man Blues (blues single)