1. It's a Miracle

From the recording It's a Miracle

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It's a Miracle

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It’s a Miracle

68 bpm


C / G/ F G/ C G


(C) I come home
You can't get (G) off the couch
Are you gonna to (F) make it? (G)
Or leave me (C) here? (G)


You start getting up (C)
Get a little (G)smile on your face
I'm so (F) glad you're alive
(G) And here with me (C)


(F) There was a time when you looked at me
(F) Would this be your last day with me?
(C) I wondered (G)
Every single (C) day
(a minor) Then God reach down inside of you
And (G) took your worst (F) pains (G) away


I come (C) home
You're talking about (G) gettin’ that job
It's a (F) miracle
(G) It's a (C) miracle (C)

Form: sax solo (A1), guitar solo (A), vocals (ABA), sax (A), guitar (A), vocals (BA), voice only on the very last “Miracle.”