Music Mission

Musical Mission Statement 

My mission is to help make space between people's mind and heart with music. Allow me to explain with a scene from a television show, Angel, that I saw when I was getting my life back together after hitting bottom with the bottle in '98. This scene is from 2000, and the second video helps explain it. 


Night. Kate and Angel are sitting side by side outside in the garden court of the Hyperion. 


Kate:  "I feel like such an idiot." 


Angel:  "A lot of that going around." 


Kate:  "I just couldn't... - My whole life has been about being a cop. If I'm not part of the force it's like nothing I do means anything."  


Angel, still looking pretty beat up:  "It doesn't." 


Kate:  "Doesn't what?" 


Angel:  "Mean anything. In the greater scheme or the big picture, nothing we do matters.  There's no grand plan, no big win." 


Kate:  "You seem kind of chipper about that." 


Angel: "Well, I guess I kinda - worked it out.  If there is no great glorious end to all this, if - nothing we do matters, - then all that matters is what we do. 'cause that's all there is.  What we do, now, today. - I fought for so long.  For redemption, for a reward - finally just to beat the other guy, but... I never got it." 


Kate:  "And now you do?" 


Angel:  "Not all of it.  All I wanna do is help.  I wanna help because - I don't think people should suffer, as they do.  Because, if there is no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness - is the greatest thing in the world." 


Kate:  "Yikes.  It sounds like you had an epiphany." 


Angel: "I keep saying that.  But nobody's listening." 


Kate:  "Well, I'm pretty much convinced, since I'm alive to be convinced." 


Angel:  "You know you don't have to be a cop to be..." 


Kate:  "I'm okay. - Anyway, I'm *not* headed towards another pillathon. - I'm very grateful. - I never thought you'd come for me, but... I got cut a huge break and I believe... - I don't know what I believe, but I - have - faith. - I think maybe we're not alone in this." 


Angel:  "Why?" 


Kate:  "Because I never invited you in."