Thirteenth Moon of the Lamb 

Blood from your limbs 
Sap of my trunk  
Crown taken from my cousin
Tis yours as well

Near your last hour  
Burning leaves now words -  
Storm my breath

Sit in my fork, O Lamb -  
Thy coil hung by men's fear...  
Peer into centuries and cry blood

"A girl stares at a square.  

Voices come from below the people  
My eyes are hers

Only plagues aren't prejudiced -  
Mirrors are invisible to bigotry  
Fascists rape children of choice  
Quoting the traitor Paul over me

Ghosts of dead churches  
Whisper scripture to sucklings  
Moaning lies about my sacrifice 
Teaching the sword ----  
Not the cheek

Fundamentalists are as fossils
Unable to alter...  
Except by erosion or destruction 

How much more life will perish  
Before those fossils erode?  
Who breaks their mold by the Word ---  
Not the sword? 

My apostles failed 
Popes and Kings destroyed my teachings and deny them

War beats in their hearts which loves the root of evil  

-- This do in remembrance of me 

-- This do in remembrance of me" 

Blood poured from the eyes of the lamb

Fork to flesh  
The ghost of The Lamb crawled ---  
Grief grasped his spirit 
Going from the arm of the tree  
To the wet chest of the cross... 

I Do Not Want Your God 

I do not want your god.  
You say the devil is in the wilderness
But the greatest peace I have ever known is with the sun shining bright  
The wind blowing on my burned face
Or the moon shining like the sun on a solstice 

I do not want your god 
You believe the annihilation of my ancestors is divinely authorized

Even your religious coercions today are still cultural genocide

As you make darkness bow its head in

Shame for the choices you make

I do not want your god
Every time you say your Devil’s name he comes and dances    
Though you say he’s "under your feet"  
It’s your Devil, you keep him

I do not want your god
And while your Religious Fascism killed my clan  
Who knows not who they are 
I forgive you, the white man
But I’ll never forget

I do not want your god
I may not know where the bones of my ancestors are  
Whose culture your Religious Fascism murdered   
But they breath through me
I know who I am.

I do not need your god to be free  
I am free of hate  
I am free of fear
And all I see with your god is hate and fear 

I do not want your god

I Will Not Hate the White Man 

I will not hate the White Man
Though he encroaches on the land
He has not yet realized my people are his 
And his is mine this time again

I will not hate the White Man
Though he’s made languages fade away 
His lands are lost from him 
He needs someone to pay

I will not hate the White Man
Though he glorifies genocide 
He cannot stop fighting his crusades and wars
His heart from himself he hides 

I will not hate the White Man
The One Direction won’t let it be
We both go through chaos and change 
Throughout eternity 

I will not hate the White Man
But I will not be like him 
I forgive him for Christianizing my clan
That I’ll never see again

I forgive the White Man
And though my land is long lost
I’ll keep that medicine deep 
Deep within my heart

I’ll never be the White Man

The Meaning of Power and Corruption 

An eon past 
A blink for God's eye  
I drowned in the Sea of Dead Souls 

Swarmed they in the blood of my ancestors -  
Neither in Heaven nor in the Abyss resting 

But like Shadows in the night -  
Danced they o'er my soul

My bodies pried open -  
Only a little evil entering at a time  
Until the Apocalypse 
So it appeared -  
Like a misty reflection upon water

An eon past  
A blink for God's eye  
The Devil unlocked my soul -  
With the key I had lost possession of

The Sun was dim -  
I was beside myself in soul 
My senses belonged not to me 
But to the Prince of Darkness

An eon past in suffering

 Torment and anguish

 But what about the key which

Unlocked my soul - from whence

I looked upon pestilence and said it was good? 

The key 
Yes, the key to my soul 

In that Dark Night I demanded  
An explanation from my Lord

"I walk and am weary, I seek but do not find

My wings are made of iron -  

Why hast thou forsaken me?  
Thy rivers run deep as the  
Land of Milk and Honey.  
Why, my Lord -  
Do I suffer so Night and Day?" 

I remembered the key used by evil to unlock my soul

 "I can see thy Holy Angels of the Quarters 

I can commune with them and serve them

 Thus serve thee -  my Lord" 

The Lord of Heaven answered

"Why do you think I allowed Beelezebub to use the key?

 The meaning is the suffering."

Vision on the Tree Wakan

Brent Blount

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Vision on the Tree Wakan

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This song goes with the poem, "Thirteenth Moon of the Lamb."

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Brent Blount

This song goes in rhythm with the syllables of the verse with the bridge from "I Will Not Hate the White Man."

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