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Trump Man (Satire)

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To paraphrase Mel Brooks when asked about “Springtime for Hitler” in “The Producers”: the best way to neutralize Hitler is laugh at him! That applies to "Trump Man" (Qanon, white supremacists, Proud Boys, Army of God, and so on today, for " you know we victimized white males can still use that helpin' hand."


" Trump Man"


I ain’t communist,
And I ain’t no socialist,
But you, you’re a fascist,
I’m gonna blow you away.


I’m a Trump Man,
Of the good ‘ol USA.
If you don’t do what I want,
I’m gonna blow you away.


Don’t want no black man,
In that White House.
I like my Confederate Flag,
In my front lawn.

Don’t want no Latino woman,
In the highest court in the land.
You know we victimized white males,
Can still use a helpin' hand.


Thank God for my knife,
Thank God for my gun.
I’m gonna blow you straight to hell,
Before this day is done.